Agglomeration Multistage Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer produces a Dry Powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying with a hot gas.

It involves the atomization of a liquid feed into a spray of droplets and contacting the droplets with hot drying air in a Spray Drying Chamber. The rapid evaporation of moisture from the droplets results in formation of dry particles into a powder.

Customised product properties as per client requirement are achieved using unique Atomization System. Different combinations of product properties like Bulk Density, Product Moisture, and Dispersibility can be achieved during spray drying.

Agglomeration Multistage Spray Dryers are ideal for producing highly dispersible products with high particle sizes. These particles dry at a lower exhaust temperature, so as to make the dryer energy efficient.

Aksh offers Agglomeration Multistage Spray Dryers in various sizes available from 50 kg to 3000 kg / hr. Evaporation Capacity.

These Dryers can also be designed for Highly Flammable and Explosive Products.

Dryers with CE and Atex certifications are available.

    • Aksh designs Custom Built Agglomeration Multistage Spray Dryers that can operate from 50 kg/ hr. feed up to 3000 kg /hr. Water evaporation Rate


    • Dryers with CE and Atex certifications are available.


    • Agglomeration Multistage Spray Dryers can Operate on Either rotary Discs or Pressure Nozzles. Versatile Designs also available


The Perforated Plate required for the IFBD and FBD are Imported to improve performance

  1. Dyestuff
  2. Food Colours
  3. Maltodextrin
  4. Sulphur WDG
  5. Mancozeb WDG
  6. Protein Hydrolysate
  7. Stevia
  8. Polymer Emulsions
  9. Skimmed Milk
  10. Whole Milk
  11. Optical Brightening Agents (OBA)