Agitated Swirl ( Spin) Flash Dryers

Flash Dryers evaporate moisture instantaneously with a very low residence time.

Swirl Agitated Flash Dryers are ideal for Drying Sticky, Thixotropic Cakes. In these Dryers the wet feed in introduced in a Swirling Fluid Bed of Material. The Bed is kept in continuous Agitation by means of an Agitator mounted at the bottom. The adequate residence time of Drying is provided in the Dryer. The particle size of the final product can be controlled in this Dryer.

If the Cake is Solvent Laden, then closed loop designs of the Swirl Agitated Dryer operating with Nitrogen as the Heating Media are available. Aksh offers Swirl Agitated (Spin)Flash Dryers with feed capacities ranging from 50 Kgs/hr to 6000 Kgs/hr

  • Aksh designs Custom Built Swirl Agitated (Spin)flash dryers which can operate from 50 kg/ hr. feed up to 6000 kg /hr. feed rate.
  • Dryers with CE and Atex certifications are available.
  • More than 10 dryers in Operation
  • Aksh Flash dryers are coupled with Special Feed Conditioning Arrangements which can handle Feed Moisture Contents from 5% w/w up to 87 % w/w
  • Spin Agitators are available in Sizes of 500 mm, to 1500 mm

Aksh Flash dryers are successfully operating on the following Applications

  1. Pigments
  2. Optical Brightening Agents(OBA)
  3. Intermediates
  4. DASA
  5. 6- Acetyl OPASA
  6. H-Acid
  7. OAVS
  8. Sodium Sulphate
  9. Di Calcium Phosphate
  10. 2-4 D Sodium
  11. Glyphosate
  12. Acephate
  13. Gluten
  14. Fibre
  15. Metallic Stearates
  16. Sludge