Cage Mill Flash Dryers

Cage Mill Flash Dryers

Flash Dryers evaporate moisture instantaneously with a very low residence time.

When the feed cake is very hard or has a tendency to lump or crust while drying and needs to be simultaneously disintegrated and dried then dryers with Cage Mill disintegrators are used. The advantage of this Dryer is to handle the Hard Cakes, Crusts, and Lumps

In this Type of Dryer, Both the Feed and the Hot Air enter the Cage Mill Dryer simultaneously into the ‘Eye ‘ of the Cage Mill Disintegrator.

The Cage Mill design consists of an Vertical Mounted Rotor enclosed in Casing having Stator Plates. This dryer is also commonly called an Attritor Dryer.


Aksh offers Cage Mill Flash Dryers with feed capacities ranging from 100 Kgs / hr to 3000 Kgs / hr.

  • Aksh designs Custom Built Cage Mill Flash Dryers which can operate from 100 kg / hr. feed up to 3000 kg /hr. feed rate.
  • Dryers with CE and Atex Certifications are available.
  • More than 10 Dryers in Operation
  • Aksh Flash Dryers are coupled with Special Feed Conditioning Arrangements which can handle Feed Moisture Contents from 5% w/w up to 87 % w/w
  • Cage Mill Disintegrators available in Sizes of 300 mm, 500 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm

Aksh Flash dryers are successfully operating on the following Applications

  1. Intermediates
  2. DASA
  3. 6- Acetyl OPASA
  4. H-Acid
  5. OAVS
  6. Zinc Borate