Cleaning in Place (CIP) Systems

The Cleaning in Place System (CIP)  is required for Spray Dryers and Evaporators when they are operated on Several Different Products.

The CIP Operation in normally done in Stages (known as Cycles). The Cycles are completely Adjustable depending on the Severity of Cleaning.

Special High-Pressure Turbine Type Nozzles are used for the CIP Cleaning of Larger Vessels.

CIP Systems include Cleaning by Hot/Cold Water, Alkalies and Weak Acids to ensure Complete Cleaning.

The CIP Systems can be completely operated through the PLC.

  • Aksh CIP Systems are ideal for Cleaning of Dryers and Evaporators when Frequent Product Change takes place
  • The CIP System is completely Automatic and hence avoid Manual intervention
  • CIP Systems ensure Proper cleaning of the Dryer/ Evaporator with a Maximum Saving of Water
  • In Aksh CIP Systems, the Cleaning time being easily adjustable can optimise the cleaning cycle time
  • Washing of Vessels is done by High Speed imported Turbine Nozzles, thus ensuring Proper Cleaning.

Aksh CIP Systems have been used on Dryers and Evaporators for the following Applications

  1. Food Industry Dryers and Evaporators
  2. Dyestuff Industry
  3. Maltodextrin Dryers and Evaporators
  4. Flavour Dryers
  5. Fruit Juice Dryers and evaporators
  6. Milk and Coffee Dryers and evaporators