Dryer Accessories

Online blender

Aksh Online Blenders are provided in our Systems after the Spray Drying Process for various application such as Dedusting, Perfuming, Enzyme Additions etc

The On-Line Blenders are Batch or Continuous.

The Blenders are incorporated into Ribbon Blending Mixers or Plough Shear Mixers.

Rotary valves

Aksh Rotary Air Lock valves are used for Continuously Discharging the Dried Product in Dryers without allowing Air Leakage.

Aksh Rotary Valves Sizes range from 125 mm Diameter up to 400 mm Diameter

Aksh Rotary Valves are Heavy Duty and can deliver Product rates from 50 kgs/hr – 2000 Kgs/hr

Aksh Rotary Valve Designs include Drop Through or Blow Through Configurations.

Aksh Rotary Valves are Cast or fabricated as per each individual requirement. The Valves are in Cast Aluminium and Stainless Steel,

Aksh Rotary Valves also have Replaceable Blades for Abrasive Product Application.