Continuous Effluent/ Waste Water Counter Current Spray Dryers for Zero Liquid Discharge

Aksh offers the complete range of Spray Dryers for a wide range of Effluent/ Waste Water streams. These Dryers can be operated on solid fuel to make the effluent drying very economical. Aksh spray dryers can easily operate on different effluents with hugely variable solid contents, specific gravities and other physical properties.

These are a single step process for zero liquid discharge for the effluents.

Aksh offers spray dryers with feed capacities ranging from 750 Kgs/hr – 15000 kgs/hr

  • Aksh designs Custom Built  Counter current Spray dryer for Effluents / Waste Water which can operate from 750 kg/ hr. feed up to 15000 kg /hr. feed rate.
  • Dryers with CE and Atex certifications are available.
  • More than 30 dryers in Operation
  • Heating Options such as Coal, Biomass, Peat can be used. Due to this , the Drying Cost is quite Low.

Aksh Spray Dryers are successfully operating on the following Applications


  1. Pigment Industry Effluent
  2. Intermediate Process Effluent
  3. Dyestuff process Effluent
  4. Food Colours Process Effluent
  5. Silica Process Effluent
  6. Chemical Industry effluent