Pollution Control Systems

Aksh offers the complete range of Dust Pollution Control Systems like High-Efficiency Cyclones, Multiclones, Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Houses, High-Efficiency Variable Throat Wet Scrubbing Systems and Two Stage Scrubbing Systems with Swirler Flasher Droplet Separation Systems. The Dust Pollution Control Systems are custom built to meet each individual requirement.

Aksh has built a Highly Effective Two Stage Scrubbing System which is approved by Various pollution Control Boards and has been installed at over 50 locations in just 3 years.

  • Aksh designs Custom Built Pollution Control Systems best suited to meet the Client requirement
  • Scrubbers / Bag filters can be built to Handle Dust Laden Air Volumes from 2000 Nm3/hr – 1200000Nm3/hr
  • Bag filters can be Built in Modular Sections to enable to transport in Containers.
  • Completely CIP able Bag filters and Cyclone Designs are available
  • Dryers with CE and Atex certifications are available.
  • Packed Bed and Plate Designs also available
  • More than 100 units in Operation