Spray Dryers Based on Pressure Nozzle Atomization

Spray Dryer produces a Dry Powder from a Liquid or Slurry by rapidly drying with a Hot Gas.

It involves the Atomization of a Liquid feed into a Spray of Droplets and contacting the Droplets with Hot Drying Air in a Spray Drying Chamber. The rapid Evaporation of Moisture from the Droplets results in the formation of dry particles into a powder.

Customized product properties as per client requirement are achieved using unique atomization system. Different combinations of product properties like Bulk Density, Product Moisture, and Dispersibility can be achieved during Spray drying

Spray Nozzle Atomizers operate under high Pressure. Pressure energy is converted to kinetic energy and the feed is disintegrated to fine droplets and are instantaneously dried.


Products from the Nozzle Type Spray Dryers are free flowing coarse or Fine Powders with Particle size ranging from 80-250 micron based on the feed characteristics and airflow patterns. Airflow patterns and dryer configuration should be decided upon the desired product characteristics required.

  • Aksh designs Custom Built Nozzle Atomisation based Spray Dryers operate from 25 kg/ hr. feed up to 4000 kg /hr. feed rate.
  • Dryers with CE and Atex certifications are available.
  • More than 30 dryers in Operation

Aksh Pressure Nozzle Atomisation Spray dryers are successfully operating on the following Applications

  1. Dyestuff
  2. Optical Brightening Agents (OBA)
  3. Detergent Powder
  4. Chealates
  5. Instant Tea
  6. Instant Coffee
  7. Skimmed Milk
  8. Whole Milk
  9. Ceramic Slip